CVB – Social Media Class

Each social media outlet can have the same content, but is targeted at different audiences. Tile photos, and link the SM page to your website Name the photos with your tags/classifications for search engine optimization. Adjust content for the targeted audience of the SM platform you are posting to.   Content Calendar – listing of Read More

virtual01 – R420 Rebuild

The PERC doesn’t like the processor upgrade The ATA controller doesn’t like the 3TB drives The ATA RAID setting doesn’t allow more than 2.2 TB partitions. Setup the iDRAC – I love it. I want another one of these servers.tons of trouble installing Ubuntu 16.04.3, none with CentOS 7 installed lxd from source on git Read More

Projection Map

Make a map that is pure projection, no historical track.  This will be easy with “grep INIT” etc. Read More

Services Directory

Need to list the services that my site provides. Read More

email access

I think I’m going to setup secure squirrelmail access and make it externally accessible.  I’m not happy with my current email access.  I don’t think I every will be satisfied.  Email management for the masses needs to be upped on their game.  This isn’t just my issue.  This is a global issue.  If we don’t Read More

Landing Page

I need to do something spiffy with this page. is not indicative of the quality of data hidden in the pages. Read More


Time for a face lift Read More

C128 employment

I have found this 30+ yo equipment to be more headache than my body can handle.  As much as I love this setup, keeping it running is a bear. I would like to see about running a BBS on the 128 side in the future. Running ImageBBS on a 128 has technical issues, and I Read More

Communication Network

IRC?  Jabber? Asterisk?  One will prevail.  Need to converse with Joey about the benefits/drawbacks of each. Read More

Webdav site

need to create a webdav site to store my project documents Read More

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